Monday, July 20, 2015

Organization Monday - homemade wine storage upgrade

My husband likes buying tons of cheap fruits and turn them into jam and wine. Recently, he made quite a few bottles of pineapple wine. It smells amazing, but as a 36 week pregnant lady I didn't get the chance to try any.

Anyway, he usually saves a few bottles for our family and brings most of them to group parties during holidays. The next holiday should be Labor Day (???). These bottles of wine will have to stay with us for a month and half. My hubby just store them in the cardboard box that comes with the wine bottle purchase and put the box in the corner of our dinning room. Last week, I just couldn't tolerant that anymore.

I would like to purchase something fancy, like a metal wire basket to store the wine bottles. Something vintage looking like this.

It costs a lot of money. So I decided to make the storage functional and semi-beautiful.

First of all, I'd like to make a chalk label since it is so trendy now. Here is my inspiration from a ETSY shop.

Here is my much simpler version.
Chalk board labels and chalk pen (not shown in the picture above) are both from the Dollar Tree.

Next, instead of the cardboard box, I recycled a clear and sturdy filing box. The filing box is another organization story. I used this filing box for my family files-mine, my hubby's, my marriage, my work, my daughter, our investment, tax, etc. Then I realized I can actually fit all of theses file into one poly filing folder which takes way less space. Anyhow, the box ended up doing nothing in the house until now.
Now these wine bottles sit on the bottom of a shelf we have in the dinning room, not an eye-sore anymore.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Target summer clearance haul 7/15/2015

All of the summer items (July 4th items as well) at my local Target are on sale. 70% off! Hooray! 
Utility tote $14.99 -> $ 4.50. I think I'm supposed to use it for camping, going to the beach. But I have a plan to use it for my car truck organization. I'll have a post about it soon. Stay tuned.

Inflatable pool $12.99 -> $3.9

Plate mat $ 1.99 -> $0.59. 

My daughter started using it the night I bought this. I always get place mat for my daughter from Target during this kind of season clearance sales when almost everything is 70% off. It is big,maturely and cute.

Pail  $1.99->$0.60
A nice decor item for July the 4th. I think I can easily cover it with scrapbook paper when I need this pail for other occasions.

Beach mat $5.99 -> $ 1.99

This is not part of the 70% off summer item sale, but it is a great deal. 
After sun lotion on sale for $4.99 *2. I got $5 Target gift card for buying two. 
Also I used -$4.00 coupon which I found it at FreeStuffFinder. Hurry up if you want to get this deal.

Bed sheet set (full size) $39.98 -> $19.98. I don't know if all of the THRESHOLD bed sheet set are on sale or just this dark blue star one. But I grabbed it because I just love the sheet set from Target.

Have fun shopping. Let me know if you find great deals/summer clearance items in Target.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Weekend DIY - revamp a toddler jean dress

I personally like this jean dress. But for a almost 2 year old girl, some color would be nice.

A closer look of the dress.

This is where I got the inspiration. The Gymboree dress- pink flower on the jean dress.

So I simply changed the buttons and added a felt flower on the belt.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Hair Clip of the Month - 7/9/2015 simple ribbon crown

I've got a crazy-ish idea to make one hair clip for my daughter each month. I probably came up with this idea a year ago. One hair clip sounds pretty easy at first and then things got in the way and I forgot...

So this time, I decided to make the hair clip and blog about it. The date I choose to post the Hair Clip of the Month is the 9th because my daughter was born on the 9th. Alright, by blog posting it, I should have the motivation to do it every month. Let's see how long this project lasts.

The inspiration is from this picture I found in Pinterest. Very neat!

Picture from Pinterest. Original link is from Esty. Pink Princess Crown Hair Clip. I just checked the seller's website today. She's still got one in stock. Hurry up!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Organization Monday - DIY necklace organizer

I've seen this kind of cork board necklace organizer everywhere in Pinterest. As my necklace grows this summer, I am in need of a organizer to keep them detangled and nicely displayed.

I found this cork board at Goodwill. It costs me $1.99. It looks new to me. It is a very nice piece of artwork for a girl's room. But we don't have a "Melissa" at home and do need a cheap cork board to start the project.

Materials needed:
cork board (Goodwill, $1.99)
push pins, staple gun
optional: painter's tape (Dollar Tree)
              white acrylic paint (Micheal's)
 I painted the frame white. Like I said, this step is totally optional. I just like it white. If you want paint the frame white, I recommend using spray paint. It will be much faster and the frame will look much better. I chose acrylic paint because I'm 32 week pregnant and can not stand the smell of spray paint.

Nest, staple the fabric onto the board.

Since I couldn't get the staple gun to secure the corners, I used clear push pins.

To protect the cork board from scratching the surface of my new dresser, I used some felt pads (Dollar Tree) to stick on the bottom of the board. 
You can use colorful pushpins to match your color theme. I just like the clear looking push pins.

 Here is the final look. The lighting in my bedroom is horrible.

Happy organizing.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Mini Target haul 7/3/2015 - dollar spot and clearance

I went to Target a couple of days ago and found some cute stuff for me and my daughter.

First, of course, the Dollar Spot. 
I've been searching for these aqua color paper clips for quite a long time. Finally my Target store has this cute bottle in stock. The pink ones are cute too. 
The washi tape, what a nice match to these paper clips I picked up.
$1 each item. 

I also found this in the Dollar Spot. I don't know what it is called. My daughter played with it the whole time in the store. $1
You probably know that it doesn't come with the bandage. My husband and daughter played Doctor game last night.

Next is the clearance.
I wanted a simple planner to plan my blog. This pocket planner is the perfect size that I'm looking for.   It is from July 2015 to Dec 2016.
$3.49 --> $1.74

Three sections inside the planner. Like I said, very simple. Paper quality is good.
The monthly layout. 
The contact. I don't know what i'm gonna do with this section yet.
The notes section. I think I'm gonna use this section to jot down ideas for the blog.

Kid's clothes clearance. They look kind of wrinkly because I just got them out of the dryer.
Circo brand tee. 2T. $6 -->$1.8

Also Circo brand. Size 4T. $6 --> $1.8

In the clearance rack I found these two tees, there are other styles sizing 18M-5T.

I had great fun shopping in Target and very happy I found these items.
Enjoy your weekend.