Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Kid's Fun Wednesday - Balloon Animals

My husband got into making balloon animals recently. He said it is almost therapeutic. Our little one likes the squeaking sound. And our toddler likes to play with them.  

Here are a few cute ones he made.




Sunday, December 13, 2015

Weekend DIY - penguin pillow

I found this cutest penguin pillow on Youtube Ann Lee's channel. She's also got a cute owl pillow in that Youtube video. Go check it out and see which one you prefer.

I just sketched the pattern. I folded the paper in half, only drew the right side and cut.

In the original video, Ann used fleece which makes the pillow super soft and cozy. I didn't wanna run out to Joann in this cold night. So I just used the black and white felt fabric I already have at home.

Got the penguin outline done.

Fill in eyes and nose.
Sew it along on the wrong side.
I did leave a small hole so I could stuff the penguin.

More 3D looking now because of the stuffing.
Dress up the penguin the way you want. A pink bow?

Or a Christmas hat!
Wouldn't this make a great home decor piece for Christmas??!!